Why Monzi?

When my father and husband did their first road trip to the area to find a location to purchase a Bed & Breakfast, it had been suggested to them that they "had to" visit St Lucia. They phoned me that night full of enthusiasm and excitement that St Lucia was "the place" and they described the town and restaurants and the hippos wandering the streets at night. I flew down a month later to visit this magical place and had the same rush of excitement as they had. The main high street took me back to childhood memories of holidays in Spain or South of France and I still have that holiday feeling every day that I visit St Lucia. Kevin took me to the Ski Boat club where I sat staring in wonder at the crocodiles and hippos in the estuary that leads to the main beaches where people were fishing or playing in the sand or attempting to surf in the crashing waves. We had also seen the Bed & Breakfast/Self Catering property that we wanted to purchase and everything seemed to fall into place...... but plans change.

On my 2nd or 3rd visit to St Lucia to see the estate agent, it was becoming more and more apparent that the sale that we wanted was more than likely going to fall through so we had to move to plan B, which turned out to be Monzi. My initial response was a very firm "no" and that I only wanted to be in St Lucia, but I went along anyway just to say that I'd been. Call me fickle, but as soon as we drove through the security gates I completely fell in love with Monzi and forgot about living in St Lucia. The house that we were shown was not a going concern, but there was so much potential . We had 2 hectares of macadamia trees desperate for love and attention and growth. We sat on the lawn overlooking the golf course and knew without a shadow of doubt that this was "the place" to buy. 

Obviously a lot of people thought that we were mad. "But it's not in St Lucia" they would say, or "people won't come to Monzi, too out of the way". So to answer them all, no it's not in St Lucia, it's 15kms away and in my opinion, I feel that as this country is so vast that 15kms by road is the same as popping out to your local corner shop if living in London. If you want to be in town for your whole visit, then of course you should stay in St Lucia and not come here, but if you want to be able to open your back door and walk out onto your patio in the morning and have a view of trees and lawns sloping out in front of you, or sit outside on a clear night and stare at the endless African sky and it's stars and yet; still be able to visit the beaches, the parks, go fishing or do any number of activities on offer nearby, then Macadamia Lodge and Monzi is the perfect place for you.