Back to nature

Wednesday, 25 May 2011 12:04

When we moved here last August, we were stuck in an empty house for 5 weeks whilst we waited for the title deeds to come through for the purchase of the property. All our furniture was in storage We spent a lot of time staring out at the macadamia trees and at the people going about their business in Monzi. We talked a lot about our plans for the place, and  we then started listening to the birds and noticing the weather patterns and the trees and the flowers and animals, in short, we started to rediscover mother nature. We've been so busy in our lives for so many years that we forgot what it was like to just sit, and watch and listen and breathe it all in. When we eventually moved in and started the work on the chalets, I would still find myself sitting and just staring. Once the furniture was in we'd all sit in the guest accommodation and sit and stare and start wondering what it would be like to be a guest staying here and would they also enjoy sitting and taking in the surroundings? My mother told me one day that this was such a beautiful place to live and that we just had to share it with people.

So this is what we are doing, we've opened up Macadamia Lodge to share this beautiful place with you all; and by writing these blogs I'm going to share what I can on the area and activities and any other bits of information that someone somewhere might find interesting. I'll try not to make it too much like a diary and remain as factual as I can - but so much personally has been invested into this project that I might often go off on tangents....