Lucy’s pick of where to eat around Monzi & St Lucia

Tuesday, 08 October 2013 18:02

A friend and I were discussing restaurants around St Lucia the other day and we came to this rather foregone conclusion. When you live in a small town like St Lucia or a small community like Monzi; you already know what you are going to be having for dinner before you leave the house as the menus very rarely change.  Unfortunately, this makes it very difficult to enthusiastically recommend anywhere to eat for our guests, not because we don’t like the restaurants, but because we’ve eaten there so many times.  So I decided instead to concentrate on where I like to go the most and why, and hope that this entices some of the visitors out there to try these places out.  This list is not exhaustive as there are a few other establishments in and around St Lucia, but these are my regular spots.

·         Thyme Square in St Lucia – A lovely little coffee shop with scrumptious breakfasts and lunches and mouth-watering cakes. What stands out the most here though is the attention to detail on everything that is put on your table. From the tea pot shaped menus and ribbon wrapped cutlery to the condiments and the box that they bring your bill in.  The food is always beautifully presented and there is a nice choice of pastas, salads, sandwiches, burgers and plenty of baked goods to increase your waistline.

Contact details: 035 5901692

·         Ski Boat Club – When it comes to location, the Ski Boat Club in St Lucia has the best spot. Situated right next to the Estuary with plenty of seating outdoors, you can enjoy your meal listening to the sounds of the snorting hippos.  They pride themselves on not rushing their cooking, so don’t come here if you’re in a hurry. Rather come here instead for a leisurely lunch or an early dinner when it is still light.  You can observe the birdlife from the viewing deck or try to spot the stealthy crocodiles in the water all the while hearing the crashing sounds of the waves from the sea. There is also a small children’s play area and plenty of space for children to run around.

Contact: 035 5901376

·         Alfredo’s – I love Italian food so I tend to frequent this restaurant quite regularly. For my first two years I never ventured further down the menu past the ‘Pasta Pollo’, but have since sampled other dishes. No evening at Alfredo’s is complete though without a Don Pedro to finish off your meal, which I prefer to have with Amarula instead of Kahlua. Fred (Alfredo) is nearly always present and will most definitely join you at some point during the course of your meal to chit chat, which is always entertaining.

Contact Details: 035 5901150

·         Ocean Basket & Braza – I have grouped these two together as they are in the same complex and owned (I believe) by the same people. Ocean Basket is a seafood restaurant with sushi options whilst Braza specialises in Portuguese food.  I have always found both of these restaurants to be the best in terms of value for money and speed of service. South African residents will be familiar with these brands as they can be found throughout the country.  My visiting family, with all of their children under the age of  7, like going to Ocean Basket as the little people (as I like to call them) are given activities to keep them occupied, one hopes, before the food is served.

Contact: Ocean Basket: 035 5901241        Braza: 035 5901242

·         Reef & Dune – A very popular restaurant and very well situated on McKenzie Street.  I don’t seem to venture past the pizza menu when I’m there as they are so nice, but there is a good selection of grills and seafood available. This is also a good spot to bring your children as they have a secure children’s entertainment area. On a hot summer’s day, try to get there early and sit on the front deck overlooking the main street as they usually have their mist sprays on which cools you down nicely and go rather well with a glass of white wine in hand.

Contact Details: 035 5901048

·         Canerat Crafts – Right on our doorstep in Monzi is Canerat Crafts. Most people coming up from St Lucia or Mtubatuba would generally combine a shopping trip with a light snack, but for guests staying at Macadamia Lodge, visits can be spread out.  They serve light lunches usually quiches, salads, toasted sandwiches and baked goods for morning or afternoon tea. For larger groups though, it is recommended that you call beforehand to forewarn them. The shop also has a good selection of homemade cakes and biscuits as well as savoury quiches, pies and hot meals as well as preserves. There is also the whole shopping experience to keep you distracted whilst you wait for your food to arrive

Contact Details: 0355504397