Springtime in the Macadamia Lodge Garden

Gales, rain, hailstones, sunshine, blue skies, grey skies ….. You name it; we’ve seen it here in Monzi this spring. According to Farmer Timmy’s little measuring pot, rainfall for the month is 110 mls.   Today we’ve been experiencing winds in the region of 55 kms/hr. No need to prune the trees; the wind is doing a fine job of lopping off the branches.


Work has begun in earnest on the butterfly garden which has now been cleared and is ready for design and planting. A delightful chap by the name of Radio has come up from a local nursery and will advise on what plants to put in and the Butterfly Centre in St Lucia have been helpful in suggesting host plants. All in all, once the work is finished, the pecan lawn should take on a brand new perspective and entice guests out into the garden to observe nature.


The macadamia trees have blossomed and been visited by Jeremy Kirkwood’s bees who have been in residence for a few weeks and were removed last week after, hopefully, their work was done. No honey badger visits this year to huff and puff and knock the hives down. The baby macadamia nuts are now beginning to show. Fingers crossed for a good crop.


The mango season is not far away and the trees are heavy with young fruit. Better finish up last year’s fruit still in the freezer. Looks like November will be the month of mango crumbles and smoothies.


Mango trees


The vegetable patch to date has yielded our own potatoes, spinach and lettuce – all delicious. Waiting in the wings are beetroot, cabbage, onions, tomatoes, peppers …… the herb garden looks healthy and flourishing in the rain. This weekend, Farmer Timmy and Yogi Pat are going on an organic kitchen garden workshop so will return home full of ideas and enthusiasm for home organic vegetable production.


Vegetable garden produce


Finally, let’s not forget the worms that are still happily chomping away on kitchen scraps and beginning to multiply. Hopefully they will soon be peeing for England.


Life in Monzi is a real learning curve...