The English, The Weather and a Rain Gauge



We can’t help ourselves; we are always talking about the weather. I even have weather forecasts emailed to me twice a day and often find myself checking for a “latest latest” update in between the emails. Is it because we have a farm? Is it because people staying here on holiday like good weather and going to the beach? Is it because we often have droughts and no water supply? Is it because we have more time on our hands to appreciate nature as we are away from the hustle and bustle of life? Or is it simply just because I’m English?



Since moving to Monzi we’ve all become “those people “who discuss how many millimetres of water they’ve had every day or week. We have a rain gauge with its own little pathway leading to its resting place. It is a race each morning between myself and Farmer Tim who gets to check the rain gauge after rainfall. In fact one night I went out at midnight to empty it as we had already reached 90mm and Ronald the rain gauge was not big enough to capture 8 more hours of heavy downpour. Farmer Tim likes to keep records as it is important for the irrigation of the Macadamia Trees; I just like checking the rain gauge because I can. It has become one of those little pleasures in life that had evaded me before I moved here.



I love seeing how green and luscious our plants and trees are after rain. I love feeling how springy the grass is. I love hearing the birds singing and watching them fly from branch to branch when the first rays of sun come out after rain. I love the sound of the frogs at night when it’s raining. I love going out on my bicycle the morning after rainfall as the sand is so much easier to cycle over and I love it even more if it’s still drizzling. I’ve learnt to love the rain because I hate seeing the rivers run dry knowing that we are about to suffer with no water for weeks at a time. I love the rain because it brings much needed water to animals and humans who depend on it for survival. It is true what they say, there really is something very special about the rains in Africa. Only on this continent can I smell the rain coming before seeing it and only on this continent do we find ourselves sitting on the veranda watching and admiring the rain come down, something I never seem to do in other parts of the world.



I love the sun too, and I am petrified of thunderstorms and flooding, but that’s another story.


Rain Gauge