The Lonely Yogini

My students seem to be falling away from their regular classes with varying ailments.   What’s going on?  The relentless Zulu Summer heat taking its toll or perhaps the beginning of the change into Autumn and Winter?  Whatever it is, students seemed to be in need of more than just my classic yoga class of standard postures. I’ve been practicing yoga for over 30 years but only teaching for 5 and I’m a long way from being a yoga therapy teacher.  I need to find my way through the challenge of  backaches, muscular aches and strains, stomach bugs, stress, strain and general malaise and I definitely need more ‘me’ time on the yoga mat.  Where to find my own teacher, my own guru in this part of the world ?  Sadly, I seem to be suffering from ‘lonely yogi’ syndrome!   When the student is ready, the teacher appears.  That’s what they say, so I shall sit on my mat and wait, not lose my focus or my sense of balance and keep the door to my yoga space wide open, ready to receive whatever comes along.