Activities near Macadamia Lodge & St Lucia - part 2

Written by Rebecca


Having travelled (and survived) the 24 hours door to door with 3 children aged 5 and under from Moscow to Macadamia Lodge , and despite it being the middle of the South African winter,  we decided that as we had so much fun, we should book in to do it all over again. This time though, we hope to have the addition of some summer sun!

So I ask myself – what is there left for us to do? Are the activities different in summer versus winter?  Well, apart from enjoying the facilities, hospitality and breakfasts provided by Macadamia Lodge, last time we milked goats, swam in the sea, fed elephants and turkeys, did 4x4 safaris, horseback safaris, clay pigeon shooting, archery, visited the Canecutters bird sanctuary, went on a hippo tour and almost got charged by a rhino (note to self – when confronted by one of the “Big 5”, do not put on windscreen wipers in an attempt to get a better photo).   The children loved being close to the animals that they had only ever seen in books before and they were in heaven with all the space, being surrounded by nature and free to run and explore. It is such contrast to their city life.

Surely there can’t be anything else left to do.........

Well this time I am planning to do some whale watching, go on a turtle tour, horse ride on the beach, visit a tribal village and take more trips to the beach.  If time allows I will go further afield and visit the battlefields and more of Zululand and maybe even end the trip at the aquarium in Durban. It sounds exhausting doesn’t it?  Therefore what I actually plan to do is to use the Destination Management Company at Macadamia Lodge to book hotels and packages for the further afield trips and then send the children off with their Dad to do all this exploring whilst I make the most of the wonderful swimming pool and yoga at Macadamia Lodge, the spa treatments available in Monzi, whilst enjoying plenty of South African wine – and then breathe and relax – PERFECT!!