The Macadamia Lodge Kitchen

I love our kitchen, it's spacious. When you have a big kitchen you seem to want to spend more time in it. Instead of having all of our mixers and blenders packed away in boxes on shelves or in cupboards, they are out on display ready to use whenever we need them. You don't have to faff about getting them out of cupboards and washing the dust off as they are rarely dusty these days. Then of course there is the element of time. Because we are not rushing around commuting to and from work, cooking meals no longer feels like a chore at the end of a long and tiring day. So as well as rediscovering nature and outdoor activities, we have found that moving to Monzi and opening up Macadamia Lodge has also rekindled our love of cooking and baking. I say "we", but to be fair, Yogi Pat our Matriarch does most of the baking.

We have macadamia trees, so obviously we try to find new recipes that include them, or we just add a sprinkling to our own dishes. Our first ever Bed & Breakfast guests were given home made macadamia nut cookies. They proved to be so tasty that we gave everybody a small package of cookies to keep them going on their journey home. We (there goes that "we" again) then moved onto baking home made bread and muffins to add to the breakfast. After that we sought out more recipe books and subscribed to "foodie" blogs and websites to give us new and fresh ideas. We try out new recipes whenever we can, learn to improvise when certain ingredients can't be found and of course; embrace the South African culture of braais and potjiekos.


So how do we share this rekindled love of food and cooking with everyone? We are not top chefs in award winning restaurants and we don't sell millions of recipe books for all to purchase. So instead we are going to add another page to our website and call it the Macadamia Lodge Kitchen. Each month we are going to put up tried and tested recipes, add our comments and share any glitches that we come up against. We will aim to be relevant by concentrating on Macadamia Nuts initially, but seeing as we also have mango, avocado, lychee/litchi, citrus fruit and pecan nut trees here, it wouldn't be right if we didn't explore other recipes. We have lived in West, East and South Africa for many years so celebrating this continent's cuisine is a must and in earlier years, France & Spain was our home so there lies a whole other category. And then there's chocolate.

My next big challenge is getting back to practising what I preach. Get back on my bicycle or onto the tennis court and enjoy the outdoor activities that we are so privileged to have access to and try to balance it all out with the delicious food that comes out of our kitchen.