Accommodation, family & health.

Ihave talked in the past about how living at Macadamia Lodge and in Monzi has made me re discover Mother Nature, but it has also made me re discover sports and outdoor activities. We are in the extremely fortunate position to be located next to Monzi Club and we and our guests can pop down to the club for a quick game of golf, tennis or squash, go for walks or cycle around Monzi or St Lucia.
In this modern world that we all live in, we spend our time on our computers and cellphones linking us to the internet and social networking around the world, we have televisions in various rooms around the house so that everybody can watch their own programmes, we have dvd's and computer games on personal laptops so that we can be entertained and we seem to have forgotten how to interact with each other. So I find myself wondering "what happened to the days when families did things together"?

In September, Monzi hosted to the 4th race in the Zululand Big 5 Mountain Bike Series. The community got involved in the preparations and organisation and every bed that was available was rented out to the cyclists. The event was a great success (Monzi won the best race in the series), but what stood out for me was how parents and children alike entered the various races and made a day of it. There was new found enthusiasm for cycling in the air, the non cyclists (like me) watching the riders and vowing to be in the race next year, even if it's only the 10km one.

In my previous life, the one where I lived in cities, the only way to exercise was to go to a gym, which I joined on many occasions only to find my interest waning after several weeks and ending up spending my evenings on the couch instead of burning a few calories. Since moving to South Africa, I have seen so much more focus on outdoor activities that I find myself planning my week around work as well as exercise because it has suddenly become enjoyable again. My husband is a runner, but I am not, so instead of running alone, I now get my bicycle out and cycle alongside him. We play tennis together, or with various visiting family members or with friends. We hire bikes in St Lucia and cycle together, and I am often watched by the odd vervet monkey laughing at my huffing and puffing as I tackle the uphill parts.

So come on holiday with your loved ones, friends or family and enjoy all that there is to see and do; but throw in a game of tennis or golf, do a bit of cycling together and spend your evenings out on the patio, barbequing under the stars and talk to each other about your day, instead of sitting in front of the television discussing what to watch next.