Macadamia Lodge joins Twitter

If you had asked me two months ago if I had any interest in joining Twitter and having an account, I probably would have just laughed and asked you,"Why would I be interested in following the daily activities of a celebrity?". It seems though that I might have misunderstood the diversity of this product and the advantages of using it.

Whilst at the Indaba Travel and Tourism fair in Durban in May, I met with many fellow Marketeers who all praised Twitter and explained the world of Twitter to me. I was told in no uncertain terms that if we want to be successful and have our voices heard out there in the big "World Wide Web" then I need to step up onto these social media platforms and get stuck in with the rest of the world.

So I find myself two months later, with a Twitter account, Twitter on my blackberry, Twitter logos on my emails and business cards and I get all excited each time that I have a new follower. It has opened up a whole new world to me. From my desk, sitting in the middle of the countryside of South Africa,I am able to interact with people and companies located in the four corners of the world. I read many interesting articles, find out what is going on in the worlds of tourism, wildlife, conservation and so much more. I am still learning about the # and @ symbols and how to share with you amazing sights such as a lone hippo strolling on the beach heading towards the sunset, but I will get there.

It has to be said though that whether I'm on Twitter or Facebook or writing this blog, it is too easy to sit here hours on end in a virtual world.

So I make a point of leaving my desk to wander around our African farm and listen to another form of Twitter, the birdlife chirping away in our trees on a sunny day.

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