In the community spirit

So the last couple of weeks have been pretty busy, not necessarily with guests as it's low season, but for me as I've been getting out and about and discovering activities and places of interest. My friend Sharon has recently started working at Edwaleni Care Center, helping the McLaren's who have been tirelessly developing this project, with limited help to try and help the underpriviledged rural people around Monzi. I spent the morning with her visiting all 3 day care centres, Silethokuhle, Zwelisha and Khanyeni, joining in some of the children's activities and teaching basic English whilst I learnt basic Zulu. This is a great and worthwhile project and hope to get more involved with voluntary work and hope to get our guests involved. There is still a lot more to learn and I have a lot more facts to get but I wanted to share this experience with you.

Last Sunday, I joined the St Lucia Photography Club and went to the Isiphaphalazi butterfly house, near Khula village just outside St Lucia. This is the first community-based butterfly exhibit in KZN where live indigenous butterfly species are all raised in captivity. This project has been funded and developed with the help of African Conservation Trust and the National Lottery NLDTF. ACT's indigenous butterfly conservation project is focused on conservation and the development of eco-tourism, encouraging the communities to be guardians their region's biodiversity. You can find out more about this project ( and others) on their website. . I have yet to try out the two trails, the Dukuduku Community Butterfly Trail and the Rasta Trail but will definitely be doing this in July with all of our visitors. Unfortunately, the batteries in my camera had died so I was unable to take any photos, but Pete Hill was kind enough to send me his.Sadly, due to human development, farming and mining; some African butterfly species are diminishing. Definitely worth visiting if you are looking for something different to do and feel like having a small lesson on butterflies. I would suggest phoning in advance if you want to go on one of the trails.