Monzi Village

The story of Monzi begins in 1949 at the end of the Second World War, where 30 ex-servicemen were granted land by the government. The farmlands were developed on the flood plain of the Umfolozi River, and because of the threat of flooding in the wet seasons, the families were granted homestead sites of 8 hectares on higher grounds, which became Monzi village. The industrious settlers became a community, who built a tennis club, began a branch of the Women's Institute, built a Memorial Hall, which then went on to become a small farm school. The golf course was opened in 1954 and the original clubhouse replaced in 1963. Monzi has since expanded from a farming community and is now the home of various businesses.

My first introduction to Monzi Village was the delightful "Canerat Craft Shop", less than 5 mns walk from us just past the golf club. You only have to visit once and you are welcomed back as an old friend, with everyone remembering your name. You rarely just "pop in" as the the variety of gifts,crafts, and delicious home baked goods make you linger at every display. Whatever you choose to buy, the Monzi recipe book is a must.

Further along 1st Avenue you come accross Maywood nursery. I love being surrounded by plants and trees but cannot seem to remember any names no matter how many times I try to memorise them. So, whilst the more green fingered members of our family wandered around the nursery looking for plants for the property, I found myself lured once again into yet another smaller gift shop.

When our 40 foot truck full of furniture from Tanzania arrived, the driver managed to get the front of the truck embedded in the sand. Our neighbour, seeing our plight, lent us his tractor and driver to offload our boxes an eventually get the truck out.When we received our first guests and were hit with two 16 hour power cuts during breakfast time, another neighbour came to our rescue with gas cooking equipment. Kind gestures and good neighbours are sometimes hard to find these days, but it is the way of the Monzi community.

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